089 4373611 Samantha (Dublin)

Samantha Doyle, BA (Hons) is a counsellor in private practice, working in Dublin. Samantha has a vast range of experience with families, children and adolescents, couples and adults. Samantha  uses a variety of approaches ranging from CBT and brief solution-focused methods to more long-term humanistic therapies. A diversity of methodologies can be used, such as play/multimedia, mindfulness, art and so on. Selection of method is done in collaboration with the client, in line with McLeod and Cooper's pluralistic philosophy of facilitating inclusion of the client into clinical decision-making about the style of treatment (a brief introduction).

Key areas of specialisation: Samantha's special interest is family therapy (systemic) for familes and couples, as well as working with children and adolescents (both individually and with groups as group therapy). Samantha also specialises in gender and sexuality, sexual identity, sexual dysfunctions, sexual relationship following a trauma.
She has a depth of experience treating victims of rape and survivors of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual). Samantha also works with addiction.

Other areas of interest: depression, anxiety/panic, ocd, suicidal thoughts, stress management, self-harm.

If necessary, Samantha can also provide orientation to clinically (psychologically) assess the patient as part of a private multi-disciplinary team which includes psychologists (educational and clinical), nurses (mental health) and fellow psychotherapy clinicians, so as to develop a better line of treatment for each individual, always in collaboration with the client in line with the client's wishes and requirements. For further info please call Samantha on 089-4376311 or email us.

Samantha's work is governed by Code of Ethics and Practice of IACP.